The Conscious Photographer Episode 2 - Brian Costello On How To Overcome Limiting Beliefs And The Importance Of Creating Ecological Goals.

The Conscious Photographer Episode 2 - Brian Costello.

This week on the Conscious Photographer I have Brian Costello, who is a Master NLP practitioner and change work specialist. Brian is an incredible storyteller and does a fantastic job of explaining incredibly complex subjects to do with the unconscious and subconscious mind and the role they both play in the creative process,  in a clear and concise way that's easily understood. We discuss the most efficient way photographers can quickly, and honestly build rapport with anyone they meet. We also get into how anxiety and depression can affect people in the creative industry and  how to recognise the symptoms early on before they get too overwhelming to handle. As well as why confidence and self-belief are integral to creating great pictures and how to think differently and break the mould. There's discussion on how to get past self-imposed limiting beliefs as well as the parallels between photographers and comedians when it comes to finding your voice. We discuss goal setting and the importance of having ecological goals and how your current goals could, in fact, be working against you and hindering you. We also speak about the importance of asking yourself what would happen if you achieved the goal you set out to achieve both the best case and worst case scenario and Brian tells you the questions you should be asking yourself when setting goals.

Brian will also take you through a fantastic piece of Trance change work that will aid you in your creative process and help you overcome any mental blocks.

These are just a few of the topics we get into in this episode we also discuss.

Why if you're suffering from depression or anxiety you are not broken.

Brian get's into the common patterns that he sees with people working in the creative industry and how the school system plays a massive part in this.  How that a lack of self-belief can come from the school system.

How your beliefs about yourself can inform your photographic practice. 

Brian talks extensively about how the conscious and subconscious mind work together to aid in helping creativity. 

The importance of flow when creating work.  

The fact that most photographers are not, in fact, visual learners and what sense most photographers favour. 

The importance of body language when meeting a new person and Brian gives some tips to ensure you make sure your body language helps you instead of hinders you. 

A note on the podcast there is a jump and a change in audio quality as the studio next door started using a buzz saw. So apologies for this. 


My Favourite quotes from this podcast


"Would it not be amazing, to be able to flip open someones head pour the information in, close their had back over and then for them to go out and know all the information you've taught them?"
"To become helpless a problem has to be personal, pervasive and permanent."
"You're not who you think you are you're who you've learned to be."
"Thinking differently takes confidence and self-belief."
"There are many photographers out there who are taking the same pictures, as every other photographer and then there are people who aren't and they're the ones who are gonna make the difference."
"Realize your past is bullshit it's just a story, that's all it is, just a big story and now as you listen to this your story is no longer true, it's only true because you make it true." 
"Beliefs can work both ways and sometimes you're held back by being overly ambitious."
"There're two main elements to depression and one of the main ones you should listen for is setting unrealistic goals. Because what happens is it breeds failure."
"Willpower is like a muscle."
"Are you setting yourself a goal that isn't good for you?"
"The Creative mindset is not linear." 
"Fear keeps us rigid."
"In my experience, I have never met a visual photographer."
"It's up to you to believe what you want to believe; it's just imagination if you want to take it bigger than that it can be. It just is whatever you make it, don't get caught up."
"You've got the power to change this." 


In this episode, you will learn.


  1. How to quickly and efficiently build rapport with anyone and how to put them at ease. 
  2. The important role that the subconscious mind plays in creativity and how to harness it to improve your photography practice.
  3. How to get past limiting beliefs and out of your own way. 
  4. The key questions to ask yourself when setting goals and how to avoid the most common pitfalls.
  5. How flow can significantly improve your photographic practice. 
  6. Why confidence and self-belief are key components in creating great pictures and being a great photographer. 





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Selected Links from the show



Brian's favourite music, Surgeon, to get himself-ready for giving a talk, presentation or dealing with corporate clients.

Tony Robbin's documentary, I Am Not Your Guru.

Louis C.K.'s old absurd comedy.

Some of Louis C.K.'s most recent work after developing his artistic voice. 

My Editorial for Adidas that was mentioned in the podcast.

Below are some great books that will help you improve your photography and life as well as ensure that you can quickly and honestly build rapport with anyone you meet.

Breakthrough: A Blueprint for Your Mind
By Brian Costello
Learned Optimism
By Martin Seligman
The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind
By Joseph Murphy
How to Win Friends and Influence People
By Dale Carnegie


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