Abandon Ship Sports Lux Collection or How The Fuji Xpro-1 Allowed Me To Shoot Jpegs Perfectly In Camera.


As you probably know by now I work with Abandon Ship Apparel regularly. Weekly, daily..... all the time! This means that I get to work on a multitude of photo shoots. I'm very lucky in that I get to try out new ideas stylistically and have a platform to then show the images. This week I was asked to shoot their Sports Lux Collection. In their words it's "Sports inspired High quality products utilising various materials to create wardrobe staples" So opted for something different. A high end sports shoot. 

Colour palette - As the whole collection is monochromatic I opted to shoot it all in black and white, makes sense right? 

Location  - Luckily my studio is situated near an industrial estate so we chose to shoot the collection against the harsh backdrop of it. I opted to shoot it on a sunny day so that we had strong shadows to show the texture of the fabrics and emphasise the silhouettes. I payed close attention to horizontal and vertical when framing to highlight the harsh backdrop we were shooting against. I also opted to focus on close crops of the clothes as opposed to full length images as ASA and myself decided it was important to show the quality of the clothing and the materials used.

Inspiration - I took a great deal of influence from Jackie Nickerson's Kanye West Adidas Originals lookbook you can see here.

As the project had a very quick turnaround (edited and online that afternoon), I opted to do something I have never done before...I shot the whole shoot in JPEG using the Fuji Xpro-1's built in Film Simulations and tweaked the shadows and highlights in camera. This is something I would never have been able to do with 5D Mark ii. I haven't even shot in JPEG since I picked up a camera as I was told before I even got a camera not to shoot in JPEG, so I have always shot in RAW. I'm not about to fanboy about the Fuji here, but it has really changed the way I shoot and it really does give me incredible control of my images in camera. Another great time saving feature that the Fuji enabled me to utilise was using the 1X1 aspect ratio when shooting. As all the images  were to be instagram ready it allowed me to see the final image whilst shooting. 

I would never suggest to anybody to shoot in JPEG usually but after doing this I would encourage you to try it, it really forces you to slow down, look at everything in the frame and make sure that each shutter press really counts.


Camera -  Fuji Xpro-1

Lens - 35mm 1.4

Processing - N/A  Monochome + Yellow Film Simulation with the following settings; +2 Shadows, +2 Highlights and +2 Sharpness (these settings will give a high contrast look.)

Any questions leave em in the comments and I'll answer them.