In the interest of honesty this was supposed to be posted yesterday however, we finished this morning at around 4am and were staying on a boat and boats don’t have the best wifi, in fact they have no wifi in the rooms. I did however manage to update my photo diary, it only took around 20 minutes......

So you know how I said in my previous post, here that a good nights sleep will make for better photographs? Unfortunately I did not have a good nights sleep, I think I clocked around 4 hours but was rudely awakened by my closed laptop playing the closing theme from Elementary -  which I have been binge watching recently. It’s not a great way to wake up.

If you’ve never been on the road with a band, I’ll tell you how most mornings go. The night before the Tour Manager says you need to get up at say 8am to make the next gig on time. Then everyone wakes up at 8:45ish and frantically packs their belongings whilst periodically checking on the bathroom to see if the shower is free. So that’s how my morning started. A couple of other notable morning incidents were Kirsten accidentally drinking butter milk thinking it was real milk and vomiting. As well as driving on the wrong side of the road for a couple of minutes which culminated in us nearly driving head first into another car. A morning of vomiting, frantic packing and a near death experience are pretty much par for the course when you’re with a band.

We spent the majority, around 4 hours, of the morning driving from Belgium to Groningen in the Netherlands for Eurosonic Festival as the band were playing three gigs at it. Christina, Lewis’ girlfriend had travelled from Germany to meet us too which was cool. First of all we had to get to an awards ceremony for European music as the band were playing it later that night and had to sound check. We then had to drive to the other side of Groningen to check into our hotel which was a boat. There was an amazing building beside the boat called the artists village which was part of Eurosonic. Due to lack of sleep I didn’t think to get pictures of the boat or the artist village, however I’m not beating myself up about it as I’m here to document the band not the buildings although in future I will probably take some pictures purely for the blog. After that we ran across Groningen for a radio interview and a live acoustic performance. (I will link to this later as I am currently writing this from the back of the van.) Once they finished playing we had a 15 minute window to get back across the city for them to be on stage at the awards ceremony. The ceremony was a great performance and sounded MASSIVE.

After that set had wrapped we were on to the 3rd and final gig of the night. However I can’t talk about that here as it started after midnight so you will have to wait and see the photographs from that tomorrow. Peace.

As usual the gear used was:

 A Fuji XT1

Fuji 18mm lens

Fuji 16mm-55mm lens

Nissin i40 Flash

Eneloop Batteries

Capture One to Post Process.